4 Simple Methods to Improve Flexibility

basic stretching flexibilityFlexibility training is an important component in every workout because it improves joint mobility and prevents injuries. It is necessary that before and after exercising, you undertake a good job of flexibility as it helps stimulate the muscles to initiate physical activity and at the end to relax our muscles strained by the exercise performed.

There are 4 ways to make a good flexibility. However it is necessary that before any type of stretching you do a medical checkup. These are the 4 methods.

Static Flexibility

You do this by yourself without help. You stretch your muscles in a fixed until you feel your muscles and tendons are stretched position, this should be done for 20 seconds maximum.

Assisted Flexibility

You do it with the help of a friend, a person who performs an external force to assist in the elongation of your muscles, this allows you greater relaxation and greater efficiency when making movements.

Dynamic Flexibility

This flexibility exercise involves bodily movements of your members at an increased speed. But, as you perform the movements, you must not overdo it on the strength of each movement as you can injure yourself.

Ballistic Method

This method involves movements by your own strength where rapid elongation of the muscle is achieved and makes the muscle perform an involuntary contraction to compensate the effort.

All these methods of flexibility will improve your posture and increase your athletic performance, exercise also decreases postoperative pain and facilitates blood flow throughout your muscles.