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The best sports during pregnancy

Regular physical activity while waiting for a child helps fight small (or large) pregnancy pains, stay healthy, reduce the risk of cesarean section, and improve postpartum recovery. Discover the sports recommended for pregnant women. Although it may

Preventing Sarcopenia: recovering energy and strength after 40 years

Adults lose 24% of their muscle mass between 40 and 70 years, affecting the quality of life. Diet and exercise are the keys to fighting sarcopenia. They say that “the years do not pass in vain” and

What Are Calories And How Are They Calculated?

The calorie is established measurement in the amount of energy required to increase 1g of water at 1 ┬░ C. Within the body, they represent the amount of energy that is supplied, or fuel, to all the

How To Lose Weight With Exercise

It’s that time of year again and summer is right around the corner. If you are trying to get into shape before summer gets here and you want to lose weight, you should start exercising. Along with

High Cholesterol: How to Reduce it with Foods

Nowadays, there is much talk of cholesterol, saturated and all those fat-related conditions. This is certainly due to the fact that the cholesterol topic is quite complex. It is thus important to contributing to its vulgarization. What is

The Weight Loss Menu At PhuketFit And How It Works

The weight loss menu at PhuketFit reflects the latest in scientific breakthroughs in the field of nutrition for weight loss as well as the age-old traditional wisdom for a healthy body, which has stood the test of

Exercise Improves Cholesterol Levels Even Without Weight Loss

Maintaining adequate levels cholesterol is important for the health of persons and prevent cardiovascular events. Exercise is essential to keep in shape, lose kilos and lower the level of bad cholesterol. As reported in ‘The New England

4 Simple Methods to Improve Flexibility

Flexibility training is an important component in every workout because it improves joint mobility and prevents injuries. It is necessary that before and after exercising, you undertake a good job of flexibility as it helps stimulate the

Tips for Perfect Back Muscles

The back covers large muscle groups and involves a lot of dedication in every workout to get the back muscles of your dreams. By working the chest, back indirectly work, that’s why I’ll give some tips for

Benefits of Exercising in Children

Are you an overprotective parent? Most of us are! Of course, you want the best for your children and it is normal that you do not want them to get injured. But, do not forbid your children