The best sports during pregnancy

Regular physical activity while waiting for a child helps fight small (or large) pregnancy pains, stay healthy, reduce the risk of cesarean section, and improve postpartum recovery. Discover the sports recommended for pregnant women.

Although it may be tempting to fully relax during pregnancy, it is recommended that future mothers incorporate a little exercise into their daily lives. Healthy women with a normal pregnancy can practice about 150 minutes of aerobic activity (sustained effort) over the course of a week.

Training during pregnancy helps to reduce back pain, work the muscles and reduce the risk of cesarean delivery. Maintaining strength and endurance during maternity also helps improve postpartum recovery. Whether you’re new to fitness or a queen, here are the best practices for pregnant women:


Low impact workouts are best for future mothers. That’s why the pool is a good option. Swimming, water aerobics, and all aquatic activities make the joints work smoothly, reducing the risk of injury during pregnancy.


Lifting weight is a complete workout that has many benefits. Pregnancy, in itself, already involves lifting a weight. Thanks to this sport, you can work out different muscle groups and counterbalance the baby’s weight on the front part of the abdomen. Get help from a trained coach to practice the exercises safely.


The use of an exercise bike to train during pregnancy is excellent because the device supports the weight of the pregnant woman, and the impact on the joints is minimal. Cycling helps relieve back pain. Do not forget to drink plenty of water and avoid standing positions as you progress through your pregnancy.

Walking and running

All you need to walk and run is a good pair of sneakers. If you used to run before pregnancy, you can continue this activity without problems, if you feel like it. But if you are more comfortable with walking, it is also an interesting option.


Practicing yoga helps reduce stress and reduce anxiety. Studies have shown that it can also improve heart health, reduce pain and increase strength, which is even more beneficial for pregnant women. As with any form of exercise, follow the advice of a certified teacher and avoid back movements.