The Weight Loss Menu At PhuketFit And How It Works

The weight loss menu at PhuketFit reflects the latest in scientific breakthroughs in the field of nutrition for weight loss as well as the age-old traditional wisdom for a healthy body, which has stood the test of time.

When formulating a weight loss menu, most programs make you starve, which while ensuring that you lose weight also means you lose vital nutrition for your body’s optimal health. The weight you lose also comes back pretty quickly because most of the weight lost is in terms of water and not fat.

This is why, at PhuketFit, we promote healthy diets that ensure that you lose weight as well as keep the weight off. You will not find any crash diets or starvation diets at PhuketFit. Instead, what you will find are the most nutritious and delicious meals that help you weigh lesser and lesser on the weighing scales as the days go by, all without depriving you of vital nutrients or essential taste!

What are these foods and what kind of weight loss menu can you find at PhuketFit?
The PhuketFit menu is a perfect harmony of carbohydrates, lean protein of the highest quality, fats that are good for you, as well as the crucial vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that are needed to keep your body working at its optimal level.

With a wide selection of menus to choose from, with the help of your own weight loss coach and nutrition expert, you get to choose foods that appeal to your taste buds while ensuring that you meet your goal of losing weight. So losing weight becomes a delightful journey that does not leave your taste buds behind!

The weight loss coach and nutrition expert at PhuketFit make sure that the menu that is planned along with your input is tailored to meet your specific dietary requirements, no matter what it may be. At PhuketFit, there are a wide range of dietary requirements that we take into consideration when planning your weight loss menu-from vegan to halal to vegetarian or food allergies and food intolerances. So you get only the calories you need without compromising on the nutrition.

Not only will you lose weight when you start on this diet, you will also have all the energy you need (and even extra) because of all the superfoods that you will be eating. Whether you use this extra energy to work out even more at the gym or just relax by the poolside is entirely up to you. Either way, you can be guaranteed that you not only lose weight, you keep it off too, because the nutrition and weight loss experts will help you formulate a menu plan that you can follow when you get back home as well.

At PhuketFit, we make sure that the foods you eat as part of your weight loss menu not only taste great, but also look divine! From fresh fruit salads that are straight out of the farm to raw food sushi, diet shakes to the local Thai cuisine, PhuketFit’s menu will be an experience unlike any other!