Tips for Perfect Back Muscles

back musclesThe back covers large muscle groups and involves a lot of dedication in every workout to get the back muscles of your dreams. By working the chest, back indirectly work, that’s why I’ll give some tips for you to improve your back in a proper way.

1: If you stretch your chest before each exercise, you can increase by 2% the strength of the latissimus dorsi muscle and erector spinae.

2: Better posture best results, try to raise your chest when exercising your back and so you will increase by 12% the intensity of the exercise.

3: You have more dead weight load with much more load at week that involve more muscles.

4: If you hold the bar with your palms facing your body when you do high dorsal pulley, those muscles grow faster .

5: Separate hands. When you do exercises like rowing and pull downs, worry less weight and more grip. If you grab the bar with further apart than shoulder width hands, you get better isolate the muscles of the back, even if you carry little weight

6: Do not do the repetitions in a hurry. For the muscles of the upper back to grow,you¬† need to be at least 40 seconds under tension in each series. Board scapulae for 2 seconds at the end of each repetition. It’s like the button to activate growth of the dorsal muscles.

7: When you change to a new plan of training, the lower back is the one with greater risk of injury. To protect it, begins with the inverted rowing. In this way desire muscle and you increase the stability of the back. Of all rowing exercises, this is the column subjected to less pressure.

8: The back muscles are little, so it’s easy to forget about them. By taking this into consideration during training you force to work harder.

9: Concentrating more in the muscles during exercise can increase your power by up to 53%, according to a study published in the journal Neuropsychologia. Tense the muscles in your back like you’re posing. You will be rewarded with more power.

10: Try training your back to within 15-25 repetitions, carrying less weight. It is equally effective to do short sessions with few repetitions.

11: Get V-shaped trunk with an exercise called burly farmer ride. Grab something heavy and starts walking. Easy, right? This exercise develops much back and narrow waist.

Remember these tips are linked to good nutrition and a complete dedication. THERE ARE NO MIRACLES.